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Digitalised Administrative Services

Our fiduciary My Swiss Company differs from an ordinary fiduciary by the use of digital services for the management of your Swiss company.

Our fiduciary Swiss Financial Company & Trust SA differs from an ordinary fiduciary by its use of digital services for the management of your Swiss company. We use the performance and efficiency of modern technologies to manage your company in a simple, optimal way.

  • Digitalised administrative services
  • Use of paperless processes
  • Mobile app
  • Highly secure Cloud services in Switzerland
  • Digital safe in Switzerland
  • Data inheritance in the case of an emergency

Digitalised Administrative Services

An efficient digital platform

We propose an online platform by which you have access at all times to your accounting in real time. We use an ERP software for this which allows automated input to dematerialise the documents and thus significantly increasing the efficiency of the management of your accounting and declarations.

This technology makes it possible to provide standard company services simply and efficiently. Client invoices are automatically recorded in accounts, bank statements are simple to integrate, and accounting and procedures are much faster.

In addition, our application is available via a mobile app so that you can monitor your activity on your smartphone at any time.

Our digitalised platform 2.0 makes it possible for your business activity to be monitored and your dematerialised documents to be transferred to us. Accessible from a Web interface or mobile app, you connect securely to your account.

You thus have access to your information and files at any time. The mobile app offers a scan function for your documents so that they can be digitalised and transmitted to us for processing.  Each document is systematically archived.

The “data inheritance” function allows your information and records to be easily shared with a trustworthy beneficiary, family or staff. This function proves its value in emergencies, when it is important to be able to recover important information or records.

Maximum security and confidentiality for your data: your data is subject to some of the most exacting security criteria. The data encryption system is multiple and combined with triple data storage. We strictly apply the Swiss federal data protection law, which ensures the secrecy of all your documents.

Security features to protect your information


Our services are based on a platform meeting high performance and professional security criteria, in order to be able to rapidly and reliably restore your data in an emergency.  The inheritance of your data makes it possible to avoid losses whose consequences would be disastrous. We work with the tools of the market to ensure a quality and secure service.

Finally, we offer our clients a digital safe service for the storage of sensitive documents in a reliable and secure way.  It is an appreciated and useful service designed to avoid the unexpected loss of strategic documents.

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