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Financial Advisory Services

Explore our extensive range of financial services in Switzerland, including advisory on securitization and finance, private bond issuances, opening bank accounts and private banking accounts. We also offer trade finance and factoring services, as well as advice on wealth structuring such as foundations and trusts. Our expertise extends to the administration of Swiss companies specializing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Our financial services are designed to meet the needs of families, entrepreneurs, and shareholders.

We open a bank account for your company in Switzerland.

We initially propose banks corresponding to your objectives, for instance Factoring, Trade Finance and asset management.

Our services include all necessary formalities, including due diligence documents (KYC, AML) and the tax compliance forms (FATCA, CRS), until the effective opening of the your company’s business account in Switzerland.

We propose our expertise for the management of your firm’s cash along with practical advice for your activity in matters of asset protection strategies and succession planning.

We provide a full service, focusing notably on financial advice. For this, we offer a range of services to meet the specific requirements of each situation.

Our advice also concerns all facets of the financial needs of a business, entrepreneurs and shareholders:

  • Factoring
  • Trade Finance
  • Financial advice for entrepreneurs
  • Financial advice for businesses
  • Insurance advice for businesses
  • Founding of financial companies
  • Founding of foundations and trusts
  • Family Business

Financial Advisory

Financial securitization services for individuals and businesses


My Swiss Company SA offers flexible securitization services to convert your main asset classes into liquid and marketable securities on the capital markets. We advise you at all stages of private bond issuance or upon the incorporation of SPV companies for the securitization of participations in private companies or start-ups as well as for the securitization of assets such as your real estate investments.

Securitization services:

  • Debt securitization, private and public bond issue
  • Securitization of investments (companies and start-ups)
  • Real estate securitization
  • Listing services
  • Incorporation and administration of securitization companies

Financial services for families, business owners and shareholders


My Swiss Company assists you in all stages of the incorporation and administration of your financial or holding company in Switzerland or abroad. We provide families, business owners and shareholders with financial, tax and legal advisory services geared towards the preservation and protection of capital. Our strategy focuses on the preservation and protection of your assets as well as on the best returns, with the framework and investment advice which are adapted to your most specific and complex needs.

Our incorporation and administration services for financial and holding companies in Switzerland:

  • Financial holding companies
  • Family holding companies
  • Wealth management companies
  • Incorporation of foundations and trusts
  • Financial advice
  • Asset management
  • Tax and legal advice
  • Estate planning

Incorporation and administration services for Swiss cryptocurrency and blockchain technology companies in Geneva and Zug


Switzerland is the jurisdiction of choice for the establishment of your cryptocurrency and blockchain technology company. My Swiss Company SA is the ideal partner to advise you on the incorporation and administration of your Swiss cryptocurrency and blockchain technology company as well as on Bitcoin services. We also advise you on all regulatory aspects and on the best framework choice for launching your ICO in Switzerland.

  • Incorporation and administration services for Swiss cryptocurrency companies
  • Incorporation and administration services for Bitcoin services and Blockchain technology companies as well as for ICOs
  • Incorporation services for Swiss foundations
  • Legal services for ICOs for issuance of equity tokensutility tokens and security tokens
  • Tax services and administrative services

Opening a bank account in Switzerland


We propose the opening of one or more bank accounts in banks in Switzerland. The bank is proposed taking into account your situation and the objectives that you wish to achieve. Our services can be broken down as follows:

  • Opening of business bank accounts
  • Opening of asset management accounts
  • Bank account reporting and monitoring

Advantage of Swiss banks


Switzerland is a country known for its stability, both political and monetary. International crises follow one after the other, but Switzerland weathers them, building on a long-term policy for economic sustainability.

Swiss banks apply strict criteria, which allow this reliability to be maintained and generating trust, two elements that underlie the value of the Swiss banking system. 

In addition, Swiss banks are known for their great discretion and dependability, notably their reluctance to expose their clients.

Finally, the banks propose highly diversified and competitive investment products, based notably on the strength of the Swiss franc.

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