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Local manager and nominee director in Switzerland

My Swiss Company offers company formation, incorporation and administration services in Lucerne, Zug and Geneva, financial advisory services, tax and legal advisory services in Switzerland.

Legislation specifies that the companies must be represented by at least one person ordinarily resident in Switzerland, it is therefore necessary for at least one member of the board of directors, a manager or a nominee director to meet this requirement (art. 718 al. 4 and art. 814 al. 3 of Swiss Code of Obligations).

This legal provision may become a limiting factor for foreign entrepreneurs. This is why our fiduciary company works with professional, trustworthy and experienced trustees

who meet the legal criterion of residence in Switzerland and high standards of professional qualification for assuming the role of Swiss nominee director of a public limited company (SA) or of a private limited company (Sàrl).   

The local Swiss nominee director acts as a trustee (on a fiduciary basis) according to clients’ instructions and his duty is to protect not only the interests of shareholders but also those of the firm.

Local manager

Our services of company management and administration


The local nominee director is responsible for the proper keeping of financial statements and the respect of obligations relating to tax declarations (VAT, withholding tax, recovery of advance payments of taxes and the company’s annual tax declarations) and reporting obligations in relation to your employees in Switzerland.   

  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Taxes, VAT, tax declarations and advice
  • Administrative management of human resources
  • Legal services
  • Preparing shareholders’ general meetings
  • Keeping minutes
  • Keeping the shareholders register
  • Negotiating with creditors


Winding-up of companies

The local nominee director or administrator may supervise the process for winding up Swiss companies and foundations.  This stage requires a regulated procedure to be followed and for this it is essential to know the legal, accounting and tax details of this procedure. When assets have been liquidated, the local manager and/or administrator ensures that the cancellation formalities required by the tax authorities and the tax registry office are duly accomplished.

Concretely, time is saved by outsourcing these legal, administrative and tax procedures to your administrator/manager in Switzerland to ensure that these legal formalities are accomplished in an efficient and professional manner.

Opening of bank accounts


The company may need a commercial bank account to be opened in Switzerland. Switzerland is known for its top-quality banking system and its legal stability, expressed in highly discreet banking services and access to world-class high-performance financial products and payment systems. The administrator and/or manager has a wide network of banks and he will introduce you to the bank whose services perfectly match your company’s needs.


Representation before the authorities and creditors

Once operational, the company will interact on numerous occasions with Swiss bodies at communal, cantonal and federal level. The nominee director or administrator residing in Switzerland draws on his experience and in-depth knowledge of the Swiss economic and administrative fabric when representing your company before the authorities, notably the tax authorities, banks, and in certain cases before the Civil Courts and creditors, whilst ensuring sound, efficient representation in the strict interests of the shareholders and the company.

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