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Administration services for Swiss companies

Administrative services play a crucial role for any company established in Switzerland. They are necessary to ensure the company's legal compliance while optimizing its operation. This includes accounting, VAT management, payroll management, work permits in Switzerland, as well as taxation matters, ensuring comprehensive and efficient management of the company in the Swiss country.

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Payroll services

Our company offers many administrative services that can be useful to a company, branch or subsidiary in Switzerland. 

First of all, a Swiss company will need human resources administration services to register the company and the employees with the compulsory social contributions, the occupational accident insurance, the pension fund, the preparation of salary slips and work permits in Switzerland. It is important to manage personnel administration well, especially when an SME is setting up in Switzerland without knowledge of the applicable legal bases.

Our payroll services:

  • Work and residence permits in Switzerland
  • Registrations for social security contributions, accident insurance, pension fund, family allowances, withholding tax
  • Management of social security and pension fund payments
  • Checking correspondence received relating to social security contributions, accident insurance, pension fund and family allowances
  • Processing administrative requests from employees (e.g. change of family status, family allowances)
  • Preparing withholding tax to be deducted from salary
  • Providing the monthly payslip to employees
  • Preparation of annual salary certificate for employees
  • Preparation of the monthly/annual accounting report for the relevant social security, accident insurance and pension fund contributions
  • Preparation of annual statements for social security contributions, accident insurance and pension fund
  • Preparing files and assisting with audits and controls by the social security authorities
  • Management of archives in accordance with Swiss legal requirements
  • Legal service in labour law

Are you looking for first-class payroll administration services for your company in Switzerland? Put your trust in our team of payroll administration experts. We offer customised solutions that meet your company’s specific needs, while complying with Swiss regulations and requirements. Whether it’s managing pay slips, calculating social security contributions, tax declarations or legal compliance, our experienced team ensures flawless payroll administration.


With in-depth knowledge of the Swiss tax system and administrative procedures, we guarantee maximum accuracy and efficiency in all aspects of payroll management. Let us take care of your payroll administration so that you can concentrate on developing your business. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can optimise your payroll administration in Switzerland.

Accounting and tax services

Secondly, a company in Switzerland will need accounting and tax services. Accounting is essential for a business as it helps to monitor and analyse the company’s finances. It also helps in preparing financial documents and preparing tax returns. Accounting services can also help monitor cash flow and manage investments and loans.

Our services in accounting and taxation 

  • VAT registration, Swiss VAT tax representative
  • Keeping the general accounts of your company on the basis of the documents and records that you will periodically make available to us
  • Drawing up quarterly (Swiss VAT return) and annual financial statements (statutory closing of accounts) for your company in accordance with legal, statutory and regulatory provisions
  • Preparation of the various tax returns (withholding tax, VAT, business tax and annual tax return) of your company
  • Control of tax slips notified to your company
  • Risk and insurance management
  • Tax advice
  • Financial advice

Are you looking for first-class accounting and tax services for your business in Switzerland? Our team of accounting and tax experts offers solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business. Whether it’s bookkeeping, preparing financial statements, managing tax returns or strategic tax planning, we’re here to help.


Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the Swiss tax system and the latest regulations, we can ensure that your financial management is accurate and compliant with legal standards. We work closely with you to optimise your tax deductions, minimise your risks and maximise your profitability. Let us take care of your accounting and tax needs, and focus on growing your business. Contact us today to find out how our accounting and tax services can help you achieve your financial goals in Switzerland.

Administration and secretarial services

Thirdly, a company in Switzerland will need general administration and secretarial services. Good administrative organisation is essential to help a company remain compliant with legislation in Switzerland and to keep track of important documents. Good administrative management is crucial to the smooth running of a business and its long-term success.

Our administration and secretarial services

  • Administrative assistance by being available at your request
  • Processing of company mail and e-mails and secretarial work
  • Correspondence with authorities in Switzerland
  • Management of payments according to your instructions
  • Digitisation of company documents
  • Management of your company’s archives in accordance with Swiss law
  • Keeping the shareholders’ register
  • Repair of general meetings and related minutes

Looking for first-class administration services for your company in Switzerland? Trust our experienced team to take care of all your administration needs. We offer a complete range of tailor-made solutions, specifically adapted to your company’s requirements. From handling your mail and correspondence with the authorities in Switzerland to coordinating administrative tasks, we’re here to support you.

Our in-depth administrative expertise guarantees maximum efficiency and accuracy in all the tasks essential to your business. With in-depth knowledge of the Swiss market, we understand the challenges you face and are committed to providing you with a superior service. Free yourself from administrative tasks and focus on what really matters: growing your business. Contact us today to find out how our administration services can optimize your operations in Switzerland and help you achieve your business goals.

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