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Tax representative for VAT in Switzerland

My Swiss Company SA can advise and represent you for tax matters during the VAT registration process in Switzerland, as well as for the preparation and submission of quarterly VAT returns. Our experts will guide you through each step, from the initial registration to the accurate and timely submission of your VAT declarations, ensuring full compliance with Swiss VAT regulations.

My Swiss Company offers VAT tax representation services for foreign companies. Our services include VAT registration of your company in Switzerland, Swiss VAT tax advice, preparation and submission of VAT statements to the Swiss Tax Administration (FTA), Swiss VAT reclaim, assistance with VAT audits by the Swiss tax authorities, and regularisation of foreign companies for VAT in Switzerland in case of non-compliance.

My Swiss Company as a Swiss tax representative also assists you in your permanent and temporary imports into Switzerland, we can assist you in your administrative and tax procedures with the customs in Switzerland (FOCBS), we can verify and claim if necessary against customs tax decisions and VAT tax decisions of the tax authorities in Switzerland.

Swiss VAT tax representative services

Tax representative in Switzerland

My Swiss Company SA represents you for tax purposes for your VAT returns in Switzerland.  As a tax representative, we are responsible, in respect to the tax authorities, for all procedures and formalities in relation with Swiss VAT. Thus, any international business will be in compliance with its obligations relating to its tax returns in Switzerland.

As a tax representative, we manage for your business all processing of correspondence, communications and requests for information from the Swiss tax authorities and customs. Your tax representative is the reference person for the whole of Switzerland and makes available work areas for any VAT inspection by the tax authorities relating to your tax return obligations.

Since 1 January 2018, all European and International businesses providing services in Switzerland, and generating turnover in Switzerland and internationally of at least CHF 100 000 (approximately USD 110 000) from services subject to VAT must register with the tax authorities in Switzerland. This is the worldwide turnover which, since the beginning of the year, determines liability for VAT.

Our tax representation services:

  • Tax representative for VAT tax returns
  • Periodical inspections of documents
  • Recovery of VAT in Switzerland
  • Establishing each year that the turnover and input tax correspond (turnover liable to tax in Switzerland)
  • Processing correspondence relating to VAT
  • Administrative management with customs for imports    

Tax representative in Switzerland: our additional services

As a tax representative, we ensure our clients’ compliance with their tax obligations in Switzerland. From the filing of taxpayer registration to the management of imports, we take care of all the steps and procedures related to VAT. Our services as a tax representative in Switzerland also include

– analysis of the tax liability for VAT in Switzerland ;

– registration in the register of VAT payers in Switzerland;

– Tax representation for VAT returns;

– Verification of the company’s tax documents;

– Preparation and submission of periodic VAT statements;

– preparation of the annual reconciliation of the turnover (in Switzerland) and the input tax;

– the control of taxations;

– the management of the VAT recovery in Switzerland;

– correspondence with the Federal Tax Administration;

– processing of communications with the tax authorities;

– administrative management with customs for imports;

– opening of the PCD account (centralized settlement procedure of the customs administration);

– Preparation and support in the event of a VAT audit by the Federal Tax Administration;

– the provision of all documents useful for the calculation of tax and input tax (purchase orders and delivery notes, customer and supplier invoices, customs documents, etc.);

– the follow-up of tax regulations at the federal and European Union level.

VAT registration in Switzerland

To register a company for VAT in Switzerland, the process includes several steps such as verifying the registration requirement, applying for registration, sending the application and processing the application. Once the application is approved, the company will receive its VAT identification number by mail. This number is essential and must be mentioned on all invoices issued in Switzerland as well as in all business transactions with Swiss customers or with customs in Switzerland for your final and temporary import operations in Switzerland. This will allow you to reclaim the VAT paid on imports.

Assistance in the event of a VAT audit by the tax authorities

As a tax representative in Switzerland, My Swiss Company can offer a variety of services to assist foreign companies in the event of a VAT audit by the tax authorities in Switzerland (FTA) or Swiss Customs (FOCBS). These services include assistance during the audit by the tax and/or customs authorities. In addition, as a Swiss tax representative, My Swiss Company may act as the legal representative of the foreign company before the FTA and FOCBS during the audit and verify the compliance of the tax decisions. If your company is not satisfied with the results of the authorities’ audit, My Swiss Company can assist in the preparation and submission of appeal procedures to the FTA or FOCBS. These services can help foreign companies comply with Swiss tax and customs requirements and avoid penalties and sanctions.

VAT compliance of foreign companies in Switzerland

My Swiss Company as a tax representative in Switzerland can assist foreign companies in complying with Swiss tax requirements, including VAT reporting obligations. Our regularisation services can include analysis of the VAT situation, retroactive Swiss VAT registration, preparation and submission of the regularisation VAT return, negotiation with the tax authorities and representation of the company before the Swiss tax authorities in the event of a dispute or an audit by the tax authorities. Our services are useful to help foreign companies to regularise their situation in order to avoid administrative criminal proceedings and sanctions.

Deregistration from Swiss VAT

If your foreign company has ceased its activities in Switzerland, deregistration with the Swiss VAT may be a necessary task. My Swiss Company, as your Swiss tax representative, can provide valuable assistance in completing this task. Here are some examples of services we can provide for the Swiss VAT de-registration: – Assessment of the situation: As a Swiss tax representative, we can determine whether your company should be deregistered for Swiss VAT. – Preparation of documents: We can also assist your company in preparing the necessary documents for deregistration, such as final VAT returns. – Deregistration with the FTA: As your Swiss tax representative, we can assist your company with the deregistration with the FTA by submitting the necessary documents and handling all the paperwork. – Follow-up of VAT refunds and guarantees filed with VAT: We can also assist your company in following up on VAT refunds due and guarantees filed after deregistration.

Tax representative in Switzerland: complementary missions

– In addition to the mission of fiscal representation in Switzerland, our team of experts can provide you with advice on Swiss company formation, Swiss foundation formation, accounting, tax and legal matters to contribute to the success of your company. Thus, we can intervene at your side in the formation and domiciliation of companies (choice of the legal structure, administrative, bank account opening, notarial procedures and registration in the commercial register…) and in the administrative management (accounting, payroll services, company tax returns in Switzerland, rectification of the tax at source, declaration of profits and property gains…). You can also benefit from advice on Swiss taxation (asset and estate transactions, tax planning, pension planning, etc.) and legal advice (drafting of contracts, regulations and by-laws, incorporation and liquidation of companies, litigation management). Finally, you will be able to delegate all the administrative management of human resources (employment contracts, management of salaries and withholding tax, work and residence permits…) and accounting (closing and consolidation of accounts; balance sheets…).

– Our financial experts, accountants and tax experts will provide you with advice and support to contribute to the success of your company. Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by phone.

Tax Advisory Services

In addition to managing your company, we propose pertinent advice for optimising the taxation of your business and choosing the right strategy.

Moreover, we can also negotiate special tax rulings with the tax authorities for administrative companies, trading companies, holdings and foundations.

Our service also includes tailored, customised advice, VAT declarations in Switzerland and EU countries, the annual tax declaration of your company in Switzerland, and the recovery of withholding tax in Switzerland or internationally according to double taxation agreements.

An advantageous and stable tax environment

Switzerland, by the quality of its services and its discretion, has managed to become a world financial centre. This dependability is a strong point which makes Switzerland attractive for businesses.

Switzerland groups 26 cantons, each with its own tax system. Consequently,  taxation is not the same throughout the territory. It is important each time to consider federal, cantonal and communal taxation. However, in general the overall tax burden in Switzerland is relatively light compared to its direct neighbours, with, in addition, access to a financial and banking infrastructure and environment often envied elsewhere in the world.

The Swiss tax system offers numerous possibilities for optimisation.  Our fiduciary shows you how to benefit from these.

Indeed, each of your decisions will have tax consequences. It is therefore necessary to know the various consequences in order to anticipate and orientate your choices in tax matters.

We act on several profiles:

  • Tax advice for private individuals
  • Tax advice for businesses
  • International tax advice
  • Advice on VAT in Switzerland and the European Union
  • Advice on royalty management


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